About Us - History


     The desire to create festive mood has united us since 1991. Despite our first work were made using amateur equipment they had a great success among the audience and that convinced us that this is our mission.

     With each party arranged we were not only improving our equipment, but also were expanding the repertoire, trying to please musical preferences of each guest. And this process still goes on.        

     Technical issues are always of high priority since it is unacceptable if party breaks due to faulty equipment! We always try to keep pace with time, so every year we attend dedicated exhibitions where familiarize ourselves with latest advances in stage audio and lightning equipment.

     One of the first in Transcarpathian region we began to use special-effects like artificial smoke, snow and soap bubbles.

      Over the years of our practice we've worked in many places of Transcarpathia, arranging sound for variety of events. During that we met numerous bands and performers of our region. 

     We "opened" various shops like Foxtrot, Galka and Babyland; "celebrated" weddings across the whole Transcarpathian region; arranged sound for concerts, festivals and village days; "graduated" children from schools and met the New Year in many sanatoriums and tourist resorts of our region.

      In particular, we've worked with Ukrainian and Transcarpathian popstars like Ivan Popovich, Stepan Giga, Yuri Sadvary, as well as with young and talented performers like Marianne Suholova, Veronica Levko, Kvitoslava, Renata Stiefel, Victoria Ovsepyan and many other...

      We were also engaged in installation of sound and light equipment. For example, the list of our works includes design, installation and servicing of equipment in the disco club "Millennium", also installation of audio equipment in a church.