About Us - Equipment


     Behind the scenes of celebration there is trusted professional equipment, which does not let down in any operating conditions. That is the equipment we choose for the confidence of our customers.


Sound equipment

     The total power of the sound equipment is 10 kW. We use professional StarSound amplifiers, RCF, PSP, and P Audio speakers, mixers and audio processors of known brands like Soundcraft, Mackie, dbx, Lexicon, Behringer.

     As sound sources we use laptops with professional sound cards installed, if necessary - CD and MD players. Also available wireless and corded vocal microphones like Shure, Sennheiser, Samson.


Light Equipment

     Special atmosphere on the dance floor, in the restaurant or on the stage is created by professional lighting.

     For this we use modern intelligent lights with full control: moving heads, LED spotlights, strobe lights, lasers and dynamic lights.


Special Effects

     To further emphasize the festive atmosphere we also use special effects, such as confetti, smoke generators, snow and bubbles.

     Also in recent times became very popular so-called "heavy" smoke.



     And of course when working in restaurants there is always an issue of equipment installation, which we solve using special stands (for speakers, light, mic stands, etc.).